Company Profile

Founded in 1988, PROTURN is a major mechanical manufacturer, specialized in clutch, Transmission Friction Dis, Parts for Forklift and parts for Industrial. PROTURN has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance mechanical platforms. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. PROTURNs business has successfully evolved over the years while maintaining its core values and beliefs. We focus on working with our customers to achieve their business goals, prioritizing collaboration and sharing.


PROTURN is active in constructing innovative and to the our products. We are always ready for a brainstorm! Sharing our experience and providing comprehensive assistance are crucial to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are keen to discuss your comments or enquiries.


PROTURN's Services allow businesses to maximize their investments in mechanical solutions with expert advice on how to best apply them for their own customers. Central to our services is our ability to tailor what we offer to the customer。




Scope of Business & Applications:

Scope of business

  • *Dry Type Clutch
  • *Wet Type Clutch
  • *High Performance Clutch
  • *Transmission Friction Disc
  • *Parts for Forklift
  • *Fart for Industrial
  • *Auto transmssiion clutch
  • *Lings
  • *AT Clutch Lings
  • *Link
  • *Clutches
  • *Support AVD Location
  • *Clutches and clutch pressure    plates for racing cars












*Heavy-Duty machinery, punch press, forklifts, hoists, boats and agricultural machinery

*Clutches and clutch pressure plates for racing cars

*Auto transmission clutch linings

*Motorcycles Clutches

*Parts for AT vehichles

*Parts for MT Vehichles


*Parts for Construction

*Parts for Industrial Vehichels

*Parts for Agricultural Machinery

*Manual Transmission Vehicles

*Clutch Covers

*Clutch Discs

*Sports Clutchs

*Automatic Transmission Vehichles



No.2, Lane62, Houkang St., Shihlin Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 111